Kami Vision

Driving AIoT with Computer Vision.

Web Design, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, C4D
Approximately 6 - 7 week(s)
the brief

KamiVision is a data-driven computer vision company with a mission to provide affordable + accessible vision AI to businesses and consumers. They offer customized, device-agnostic solutions for building bespoke AI applications. Here are the three main objectives of this project:

1. To design a UX-friendly website that successfully explains KamiVision's missions & solutions to the target audience.

2. To deliver business & marketing results (Increase user sign-ups, conversions, retention, etc

3. To ensure accessibility of the website across all platforms (Desktop, Mobile & Tablet)

the challenge

1. In terms of visual direction, the site has to visually reflect a futuristic look-and-feel to stand out among the vision AI industry.

2. At the most fundamental level, the website needs to be accessible for audiences of all demographics (especially businesses & consumers).

3. Additionally, the Kami Vision team wanted the website to reflect the evolved thinking around Kami Turing, their new cloud software stack for building AI apps.

The Solution

The new website is a result of a collaborative design process - it helps deliver Kami Vision's mission + solutions directly to the hearts of their primary audience through modern & minimalistic storytelling. We introduced an interactive wheel feature & a set of 3D illustrations to let users easily explore KV's solutions.

The bright color palette allows Kami Vision to stand out among the dark, bland, dystopian CCTV/vision security market. In addition to that, we developed a new unified style guide & UI to ensure consistency throughout the platform. Background waves & particles are utilized as a recurring theme to represent the constant motion of data streams. We used Rajdhani as the primary typeface because it perfectly echoes KV's core principles: modern, clean, and high-tech.

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