Data-driven Neuroscientific Training for Pro Athletes.

Web Design + Development, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
Figma, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, Adobe After Effects, C4D
Approximately 8 - 9 week(s)
the brief

Neuro11 is a neuroscience startup that offers brain training programs for professional football athletes to improve their mental abilities. In addition to that, Neuro11 provides its expertise through online seminars for science enthusiasts who are interested in neuroscience.

The first objective of this project is to design & develop a responsive, UX-friendly, and SEO-optimized website within the WordPress CMS. The second objective is to successfully communicate Neuro11's mission & showcase its strong neuroscience expertise to the target demographics. The third objective is to deliver a website that drives up business & marketing results (increase conversions, lead generation, sign-ups, etc.)

the challenge

Even though neuro11’s expertise in combining neuroscience and sports is already unique in the sports-science industry, the team wants to push that uniqueness further by highlighting three important core values: exclusive, scientific, and practical.

The second challenge is to find the best strategy to convey neuro11’s mission to the target demographics, which are professional sports clubs and sports science enthusiasts. And the third challenge is to translate neuroscientific information into visual graphics accurately (brainwaves, neurons, etc) because I’m not a neuroscience expert.

The Solution

The new visual language of the website is a result of an iterative process based on collaboration with the neuro11 team. It positions neuro11 as the exclusive, scientific, and practical leader in the sports science industry. The main highlight of the design is the immersive 3D brain that rotates around a dark soccer stadium.

The website employed a pair of dark green & gold as its primary and secondary colors. The gold emphasizes the idea of exclusivity, and dark green gives the impression of a soccer field. A unified visual language (typography, color palette, iconography, UI elements) is created to maintain consistency across the whole platform. Oswald and Lato are used as the type pair - Oswald is dynamic and Lato is its organic complement. The recurring “brain wave“ graphics that appear throughout the site serves as a unique visual fingerprint for neuro11.

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