Occam Bio

Making the World Sustainable through Stem Cell Technology

Web Design, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
Figma, AE, AI, C4D
6-8 Week(s)
the brief

Occam Biosciences is a biotech startup specializing in animal stem cell production, growth factors, and cultivated meat. The company's mission is to make the world more sustainable & solve R&D bottlenecks through rigorous science.

the challenge

The first challenge is defining Occam Bio's overall sitemap. The Occam Bio team didn't have any contents available, so we did many brainstorming session until we reached a defining conclusion.

The second challenge is to make sure the website's look & feel aligns with Occam Bio's mission. It has to convey the right message to big pharma and other biotech companies that requires Occam Bio's services.

The Solution

Occam Bio's new logo inspired the overall visual language for the website - it borrows the concept of "Cell Division". We decided to use this idea as a recurring theme throughout the website. After several iterations, we used TT Hoves, a simple geometric sans-serif, as the primary typeface.

Additionally, we utilized 3D software to visualize the graphics. The 3D graphics are inspired by SEM (scanning electron microscope) because most people associate x-ray images with science on the first glance.

As for the color palette, we leverage dark mode to stand out among other biotech competitors. A dark monotone palette, combined with a purple accent, perfectly complements the SEM graphics & Occam Bio's mission to its target audience.

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