A radically new approach for oncology & diseases.

Web Design, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
C4D, Figma, AE, AI
Approx. 6-8 week(s)
the brief

The objective of this project is to redesign PROSION's old website in a user-friendly way.

I spent some time collaborating with the PROSION team to design a new website with an improved overall UI/UX for their primary demographics.

In Collaboration with:

Web Developer: Moritz Petersen

Art Direction: Melissa Meister

the challenge

The first challenge is to translate scientific information into visual representations in a user-friendly way because PROSION's target demographics are mostly big pharma companies. It needs to be science-focused, and information is paramount.

The second challenge is to educate PROSION's target demographics about ProMs (their core technology) simplistically.

The Solution

The new website is more interactive & immersive, therefore making their demographics process information effortlessly. We decided to use 3D renderings because it was the most efficient way to convey scientific information.

PROSION's new website utilized a colorful palette to convey hopefulness. Colorful gradients acts as a recurring theme throughout the site - they work in black or white backgrounds. The new website uses Aeonik as the primary typeface because of its excellent legibility and accessibility.

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