Transforming the safety & accessibility of CRISPR.

Web Design, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design
Figma, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Illustrator
United States
Approximately 4 - 6 week(s)
the brief

Silico Therapeutics is a biotech startup specializing in developing a platform for personalized CRISPR treatment. The CRISPR technology can manipulate genes and treat any incurable diseases with a genetic origin.

the challenge

The first challenge is to find a way to properly convey Silicotx’s missions and visions to their core demographics, which are biotech companies specializing in gene therapy & precision medicine services (specifically CRISPR targeting). The key is to find the right balance between scientific accuracy and the flow of user experience.

The second challenge is to design a website with Silicotx’s core three values in mind: safety, reliability, and robustness as their x-factor over their competitors.

The Solution

The new website emphasizes Silicotx's core value: safety. The Silicotx team and I decided to put two of their main products, Vengeance & Vigilance, with a dark background to make them stand out.

A new set of custom iconography & 3D images were created and used across the whole website. As for the typeface, we decided to use Euclid Circular as a primary typeface because it compliments their core value perfectly.

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